From a straight forward single unit case to a complex, full-mouth rehabilitation, we can do it all.

Full Mouth Restorations

Wax up to final restoration headed by Duckee Lee, CDT and LVIM, our team is fluent in comprehensive diagnosis and contemporary techniques and technologies that are integral to neuromuscular dentistry. We utilize various tools to ensure your cases meet the exact neuromuscular guidelines that result in a winning smile. 

Digital Denture

PM7 Digital Denture is engineered to help save time compared with conventional denture fabrication methods. Our doctors and their patients benefit from shorter manufacturing times, fewer manual steps and fewer interruptions than with conventional procedures.

Case Planning

Our Lab team will collaborate and assist you with case planning. This allows you to maximize chair time; reduce frustration; improve lab results; maximize your profitability on a case; and, most of all, exceed the expectations of your patient. 

Guided Surgery

We provide a custom-made surgical guide for each patient’s clinical situation allowing accurate drilling and implant placement according to the digital surgical treatment plan. Our implant coordinator is there to guarantee more efficient and comfortable implant surgery, both for you and your patients. More information >

Custom Shade Selection

Because shade matching is often a critical step in crafting natural-looking restorations, we offer comprehensive and methodical custom shade appointments to produce detailed schematic of tooth and coloring. Simply have your patient contact us to schedule an appointment.

All On Four

When you need support planning and restoring All-On-4 cases, trust Protech Dental Studio. We work with specialists and their referring dentists with preplanning, provisional and final restorations, as well as chairside assistance the day of surgery.

  • “Finding a reliable dental lab that focuses on aesthetic/comprehensive dentistry can be challenging. Protech Dental Studio shares my commitment to Continuing Education and my desire to provide the absolute best for my patients. I would not hesitate to recommend them for your cosmetic and restorative needs.”

    Gordon Rye, DDS
  • "With the increasing popularity of metal-free restorations, working with the right lab is crucial. Protech Dental Studio has stayed on the leading edge of all-ceramic revolution. The combine knowledge and artistry to create beautiful life like restoration."

    Bob Bryce, DDS
  • “Practicing primarily cosmetic dentistry, I need a relationship with a laboratory that understands the high expectations from me and the demands of my patients. Protech Dental Studio consistently delivers unparalleled results. Their technical and artistic expertise shines through with every restoration.”

    Bernard L. Greenbaum, DDS
  • “My partnership with Protech Dental Studio has proven instrumental in acquiring national accreditation and awards with numerous dental associations. Their commitment to Continuing Education, mainly directed towards cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, has allowed me to expect and receive predictable and outstanding results.”

    H.R. Makarita, DDS, MAGD, FAACD
  • “My practice is built around comprehensive, multi-unit cases. I require a lab that knows the complexities of case management and has the knowledge to handle ful-arch and full-mouth restorations. The ease of working with Protech Dental Studio helps make my practice run smoothly with complete patient satisfaction.”

    Chong Lee, DDS